Client Case Study: Indigo Colton


Today I want to share with you a project that many months this year have been dedicated to, and that’s the brand and squarespace website design I’ve created for Indigo Colton, systems and strategy extraordinaire.

Indigo came to me early this year looking to elevate her VA business to the next level. She’s experienced a lot of growth over the past year or so, and she’s reached a critical point in her business where she knew that her DIY designs weren’t cutting it anymore. She knew that her visual branding wasn’t aligning with the new direction she was taking her biz, and that it wouldn’t hold out as her business continued to grow.

On my first call with Indigo, I immediately knew that her idea for her brand was something I was super interested in taking on. She told me she loved simple design, clean typography, and had some examples of logos and websites that she’d seen and liked. I really love clean, modern and minimalist design, so Indigo’s brief was such a cool opportunity.

I want to walk you through the process of how we worked together on her brand from start to finish, so you can get some insight into how the whole shabang works when you build your brand in collaboration with a designer.


And yeah, you heard me right. In collaboration with your designer.


The best brands come from designer/client relationships where the client is open and willing to express their vision, give clear feedback, and suggest ideas, and the designer is willing to listen, change, and provide the client with their own unique ideas.

Indigo’s brand has truly been an awesome collaboration between the two of us, and I’m so excited for you to see it!


1. mood board

The very first thing I had Indigo create a Pinterest board full of visual inspiration for her branding. Never underestimate the value of a good Pinterest board! I asked her to spend the time between the time we had our first call and out start date (which was around a month) working on the board,

The longer you spend on it, the more refined the style usually gets, and I like to allow my clients time to decide on what inspires them most!

Here's what Indigo's Pinterest board looked like, before I touched anything at all!


This is a petty typical first board, and it was clear to me that there were a few distinct themes running through the images she's selected. 

Once I've studied a client's mood board, I'll pick 5-10 images and put them together into a cohesive set of inspiration. Indigo had told me she wanted lots of white space, she wanted black and white, and pink, and that she was open to other colours. Her mood board had a lot of patterns and textures, so Incorporated all of her images, PLUS images that I selected myself based on what she told me she wanted, and this was the result:


Indigo loved the vibe of this board, and we ended up keeping a lot of the general themes and elements of it going forward into the design. We decided on a theme of 'contemporary, soft edged modernism' - which meant we were going for bold text, clean lines, soft colours and a bit of texture, too!

We changed out the blue for a purple, and softened the pink and grey. My favourite thing about mood boards is that they're a nice guide - but you don't have to think of them as a be all and end all of inspiration that you MUST stick to!


2. Logo design

Indigo wanted a couple of different variations of a logo so that she'd have options for all kinds of different spaces.

Here is the first round of logo designs that I sent through to Indigo for feedback:


We'd talked about doing a few simple, sans serif logos, but also the idea of playing with some hand lettered options, so I made sure to have a few different styles to see what we felt was right.You'll notice that the middle right option is essentially, the final primary logo that Indigo chose. It was my favourite out of that bunch, and I was secretly hoping she'd choose it!

Indigo also liked the middle left, and the top right, and asked if I could combine the  I / C from the middle left into the circular shape from the top right and have it match the logo she chose for her to use as a secondary.

Indigo_Logo_Drafts_Revision1_Colour1 (1).jpg

I'm so glad she suggested it, because it turned out to be my favourite part of her entire brand design. I love the simplicity, the fun colour blocking, and the circular shape.

We also did some little alternates that are a simplified version of this one, and that was a wrap on the logo design!


3. Brand Elements

To make the design more custom, I designed some icon and pattern sets that relate to the kind of work that Indigo does that can be used all across her brand materials and her site. 

I designed the icons based upon the common resources, actions and call to actions that Indigo uses daily in her business and turned them into custom designed, line based icons.

I then used those icons to create some custom patterns that we ended up using extensively throughout the rest of the brand.


4. Collateral

Indigo had a pretty solid list of collateral that she needed. Because Indigo's business is an online biz, most of her collateral is digital based, and I spent a lot of time turning each item into a template so that she can maintain her branding each time she needs to host a new webinar or write a new blog post. 

We ended up going with business cards, thank you cards, and set of social media graphics and some accompanying webinar promotional graphics, a PDF content upgrade template that can also be used for almost any kind of workbook, checklist, or digital download, a set of webinar slide decks, some thank you cards, and I've also provided her with the files to have some of her icon sets and logos printed as stickers, which is a super fun little extra!


5.  Squarespace Website

Indigo already used Squarespace for her website, which was awesome, because I recommend Squarespace to all of my clients looking to start their own website. The simple backend and beautiful front end design makes it the perfect balance for those who are short on time but big on design.

I love taking a Squarespace template and using custom code to really make it unique for my clients, and that's what we did for Indigo's site. Putting the website together is like putting a puzzle of all the brand elements you spent time designing, and all of Indigo's vision and voice into one big home for the final version of the brand. 

You can see the live website right here at - I'm so proud of the way it turned out.


And that's a wrap!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the design, and if you're struggling with organisation, managing your systems or delegating work, I cannot recommend Indigo highly enough. I got to see  a lot of behind the scenes on her products and services throughout the process of helping her with her branding and she provides SO much value for her people, it's insane!

Check her out!


Until next time,

Branding by Emily Banks Creative - Client Case Study: Indigo Colton