hey, i'm emily,

I help passion driven women express confidence and authenticity to their
customers and clients through personal branding and graphic design.


I design for women whose brands are more important than just a pretty front for their business.

If you're in a constant battle to pick colours and imagery that actually resonate with you.
If you spend hours and hours DIY-ing your branding only to be met with disappointment when you realise you still haven't quite got it - it still doesn't accurately reflect your personality and style.
If you're completely overwhelmed by the amount of choices out there when it comes to visuals for your brand.

that shit is my jam and i'd love to help you out.


hello, i'm a real person!

Online businesses can be weird, and sometimes it's hard to tell who the real deal person
is behind the cool website or Instgram account. I'm big on keeping it super real in
my biz, so here's some stuff about Emily Banks, the person. 


< that's me!

In 2015 I graduated from my four year Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication and Design, majoring in Graphic Design. Prior to that I was self taught and have been making graphics and designing layouts since I was 15 after I stole a copy of Photoshop to make desktop backgrounds. So hardcore. 

I spend my days working with awesome women running all kinds of businesses. Together we dig deep into their personality, figure out their values, the vision that they have for their life and their business, and understand what their passion is in this biz game. Then I help them create visuals that allow them to step out from behind their online business facade and start showing their true selves to their customers and clients. 


random fact 001.

When my time at university was coming to an end, everyone went out and got jobs in design agencies. I told everyone I was starting an online business. They told me I was brave - with that tone of voice that actually means they actually think you're crazy. Over a year later, people are still amazed to hear that I've worked with women in the USA, Canada and Europe, all from my spare bedroom on a farm in Australia.

random fact 002.

I almost quit design, like, a thousand billion times during my time at University. I had almost no interest in anything I was learning. It was so damn hard. I struggled so much, I ended up seeing psychologists for generalised anxiety and depression. It sucked. But in my final year, I discovered my one true love that is branding. I have no regrets. Sometimes, you just gotta push through all the shit to get to the good stuff.


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