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Starter Brand Client Case Study: Annie's Business World.

Over the past few months, I’ve been approached over and over again for branding jobs that only cover the basics. I’d get on a call with someone who’d tell me they were just starting out, and could we do my signature service but remove parts, because they didn’t know exactly what they’d be needing yet and keeping it small would make it affordable. One of those clients was Annie….

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The 1 thing you MUST do to prepare for a brand design.

The first step I take with all of my brand design clients, and for all of my own personal projects is to make a mood board, and if you’re starting out in business and doing your branding yourself, it’s where I’d recommend you start, too.

If you’re already like, “whaaaaaaaaaaa? Mood board?????”, don’t fret, friend! Read on to find out all about what they are and how they can help you DIY your brand, plus get access to my free mood board training, where you'll learn how to make one!

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