The 1 thing you MUST do to prepare for a brand design.

How to stop messing with fonts and colours that don’t match, and start building a cohesive brand that makes sense for your biz. plus, click through for a free video training!

The first step I take with all of my brand design clients, and for all of my own personal projects is to make a mood board, and if you’re starting out in business and doing your branding yourself, it’s where I’d recommend you start, too.


If you’re already like, “whaaaaaaaaaaa? Mood board?????”, don’t fret, friend!


A mood board or an inspiration board is just a collection of images that help you to establish the visual theme you’ll use throughout the rest of your designs.

For example, this is the mood board I put together for my current visual branding.



It helped me to choose my brand colours, how I wanted my logo and website design to look, and established a consistent theme and feel for everything I create for Emily Banks Creative going forward!

Mood boards are really commonly used by designers at the beginning of projects, so if you’re just starting out and branding your own biz for the first time, I’d really encourage you to make one before trying to DIY a logo or website.


One of the biggest struggles I hear from beginner branders is that they don’t know how to pick colours, fonts, images, and other brand elements that actually fit together in a cohesive way. Trying to create something out of nothing is HARD.

Creating a mood board first is a great way to solve this craptastic dilemma because it gives you a visual reference to fall back on when you feel stuck or unsure if something is a good fit for your brand or not.

It also establishes a feel or brand atmosphere that you can use throughout your other brand designs.


Creating a mood board is pretty straightforward, but it isn’t quite as simple as throwing a bunch of images together and hoping for the best.


So today I’ve got a set of two free video lessons plus a free mood board template for you that show you step by step how to gather inspiration and create a mood board for your DIY brand using Pinterest and Photoshop. They’re 100% beginner friendly, you don’t need to pay for anything, and you don’t need any prior knowledge of software OR design!



Extra win.

Get access to those right here!



I hope you find them useful! If you’ve been struggling to put bits and pieces together for your biz visuals, this is the perfect place to start. Take a couple of hours out of your day and use them to take action in your business.

I’d love to see your final mood board - make sure to tweet at me or mention me on instagram @emilybankscr, and use the hashtag #brandessentials !

Until next time!

Emily xx